Mindfulness Class | The Center for Children and Women

Mindfulness Class


03.15.2019 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM
The Center for Children and Women Greenspoint
700 N Sam Houston Parkway West
Houston, Texas 77036

Do your children feel stressed, burnt out, always on the go? The Center for Children and Women t offers Mindfulness classes to help ease their mind. Mindfulness is a method to help you focus on the present moment and push aside stressors. Mindfulness has been shown to decrease anxiety and pain, and improve concentration and relationships. Please join us! Classes are open to adolescents only (6th grade and older).

To sign up, please contact Patrice Morrow at 832-828-1592 or pdmorrow@texaschildrens.org or speak to our front desk. Hope to see you then!