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Focus on Safety

The Center Gives Immunizations to Protect Our Members and the Community

Keeping our patients and families safe is important to us at The Center, and we want everyone to live the healthiest life they can. That's why we devote so much energy to giving vaccines to prevent illness.


Flu Shots

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Scores are given in percentages. Score period is 2016 Q3.
A higher score is better. Flu Vaccination Goal: 100%.

T-DaP Shots


Scores are given in percentages. A higher score is better.
Score period for T-DaP Rates is 2016 Q3.
T-DaP Rates Goal: 100%.

What do these scores mean?

  • Flu shots for children—All children over the age of 6 months should be protected against the flu with a vaccine. We want all our patients to have the chance to get a flu shot.
  • Flu shots for pregnant women—Pregnant women can have serious problems from the flu like pneumonia and preterm birth. Vaccination protects mom and also protects babies who are still too young to get their own vaccine.
  • T-DaP shots for pregnant women—T-DaP vaccine protects mom and baby from Pertussis—a serious infection also known as whooping cough. Newborn babies can die of the infection, but cannot receive the vaccine. Their only protection comes from vaccinating Mom.
  • Flu shots for staff—By keeping ourselves healthy, we are promoting safety for our patients and a clean environment for health care.

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